What is this blog all about?

So what is this blog all about?  I am not 100% sure myself haha.  But I can tell you that I have thought about writing a blog for a while.  At first, the thought was I would write about our family and post lots and lots of pictures of our kids for other members of our family  – who live literally all over the country – so they can easily keep up with our lives (note: you will still probably see lots of pictures of our family).  Fast forward 4 years, 2 kids and 2 demanding jobs later, and now I have a different idea that I am still refining so bear with me (and feel free to leave comments or suggestions!).

My husband and I are very fortunate to have great friends and family and most of our friends/family are hard working, successful people.  They have jobs/run companies/own their own businesses and have kids/pets/hobbies/etc. that they are trying to juggle as well.  I, personally, am guilty of “burning the candle at both ends” and not taking time for myself and I know many of our friends/family members feel the same way.  I named the blog “Brushstrokes and Balance” because, initially, I was going to use this as an accountability tool to make myself take time to do things I enjoy (like painting – hence ‘brushstrokes’) and in general find more balance in life.  Now, I want to inspire others to make an effort to find “balance” in everything they do.

When I talk about “balance”, what I mean is – we cannot be everything to everyone all the time. Trust me, I tried. Its stressful and frustrating and it leads to lots of sleepless nights and tears. We cannot physically be and give everything to everyone. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I spent the last 10 years “working my way up the corporate ladder”, the last 4 of them included being pregnant and having children (2 boys so far with a third boy on the way). Its hard to juggle working full time and being a mother. Some days I feel like everyone I encounter is getting 10% of me.  I HATE not being perfect or letting anyone down.  Some people make doing it all look easier than others, but let me be the first to say it is HARD.  We do not have family in town so it is just my husband and myself in our “village”.  If one of the boys is sick or has an appointment or my husband is travelling for work or any other little disruption, its up to my husband and me to juggle and rearrange to make sure all our metaphorical balls don’t drop.  Sometimes they do.  And its ok.  We allow ourselves grace and patience and forgiveness.  Yes, our kids go to school, but not full time. We arranged our schedules so that they are not in school all day while we clock in 8-12 hours of work each day.  I have absolutely zero judgment towards anyone whose kids are in school/daycare all day or not at all.  We all do what is best for our families at a given point in time.  Long story short, a lot of the blog will be about how I find (or attempt to find) balance in our crazy, wonderful life.

On top of all of the above, we live in the most amazing city that consistently is rated number 1 in the world for places to travel, so naturally we want to be out experiencing it.  We LOVE getting out in Charleston, especially if we can take the kids.  So part of this blog will be highlighting some fun things we like to do and places we like to go.

I own my own accounting and consulting business with a focus on small business/start up companies.  My husband and I LOVE to support local businesses however we can and I will feature a lot of our favorite local businesses on this blog.  Any businesses that I promote on here are ones that we truly love and want to see succeed (note: it will not be an exclusive list, I will try to feature as many of our favorites as I can!)  I will never name any of my clients for privacy/ethical reasons.

And lastly, there will be no (intentional) discussion of politics on this blog. I want this to be a positive site full of inspiration and motivation. If you want to discuss and argue politics I can get you in touch with my husband or father-in-law 🙂

Thanks for following along!